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Sly Artistic City is a 2010 Documentary on the history of graffiti in Philadelphia. It featured a lot of good names like Cool Earl, Kool Klepto Kidd, Johnski, Notorious BIK, MB, Kair but also former mayor Wilson Goode, Jane Golden, …

Back From The Graves : Paris tags relics Read more

While trooping the city, i ran into this store with an old shutter that have just been working on , i guess the paint had just been sand and some old relics from wayback re-surfaced . Guess the spray canS …

BBOY CLASSICS – Germany in the 90′s or the european style wars Read more

In the 90′s Germany was home of some of the best BBOYS in Europe. The hip hop scene was strong and jams were packed. As the walls and trains were painted by style masters like CAN2, KANE, ODEM or KENT …

Blått Stål book video trailer – Stockholm commuter history book Read more

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1g7d-lrkEg[/youtube] A very awaited  swedish book is coming this fall. The book is calling Blatt Stal and is focused on the history of Stockholm commuters from 84 to 2013. It include about 800 pictures and interviews of the main influenced …

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