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SHOW – Gris1 in Montpellier at At Down gallery Read more

Gris1 presents “Game…” his new exhibition that will take place in Montpellier at the At down gallery from December 12th to February 1st. Gris1 will show us about 10 new canvas but also a miniature train installation (a lil bit as …

Gris interview “Conversation over a bottle of wine” Read more

I read this interview  of the writer GrisOne last month but totaly forget to share it with you. Finally here it is: “Conversation over a bottle of wine”. Who is Gris? Gris is a kid. I am 31 years old …

Xplorer meeting – report by A76 Read more

Aple76 is one of the cool guy I know: writer, grafic designer, funny joker, italian food eater … and also talented photographer. Member of the Lectrics team, he always take pictures of our meetings. On our Xplorer session of last …

Xplorer meeting – Gris1 x Kid Kash x Aple76 x Bewo Read more

Gris1, Aple76, Kid Kash and I are good friends since many years . A few month ago, we found quite nice to consolidated this friendship and our love for exploring new styles and letters form on a crew. We found …

Gris1 at Backside gallery video Read more

We support one more time our Lectrics hombeboy, Gris1 that has actually an exhibition in Marseille at the Backside gallery. For those that could not go there. Check our exhibition recap here and check this brand new video.

Gris1 exhibition in Marseille – Recap Read more

I just received the flix of the new Gris1 exhibition in Marseille. Gris present us some overpaint trains, many canvas but also 1000 of post-it he paste all over the  Backside gallery . Huge talent, huge work! I now understand better why he was …

Gris1 exhibition in Marseille – Opening today! Read more

For reminder, it’s today 19h00 at Backside gallery in Marseille!It will be awesome. If you are in the area, you couldn’t missed this show. For those that don’t check the trailer , it’s here

Gris1 exhibition at Backside Gallery Read more

 One of my closest friends, Gris1 shows his new art at the Backside gallery in Marseille. Already seen a few stuff he will present and I can tell you it will be really dope! Save the date, 20 september. For the facebook addict, the event is …

GRIS1 x APLE76 x IZZY – Homeboys collection for Lectrics Read more

Homeboys is the name of a new t-shirts collection Lectrics bring out. For this new serie, I wanted to do it with very closed friends. Aple76 and Gris1 are two of those. Each of us have tried to combined the …

Fucking haters! Read more

Too many people are speaking instead of writing. Haters! This is the love message from my man Gris Oner.

Jaye & Gris Read more

I see this weekend a guy that I met the first time in Paris 10 years ago: Jaye from W73 crew. He did a wall in Lyon with Gris. I put the details of the wall below. To have a …

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