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Carnage NYC is a project created by the New-York based photograph Ray Mock that consist of limited edition fanzines released focused on differents theme. In the already sold out issues we can find specials on Gorey, Kuma, Lions as city …

REVIEW – Fanzine: Photography by Spray Daily Read more

The website SpayDaily printed its first publication under the name Photography, a 28 page, black and white fanzine printed in a A6 format . It features photopraphies of five different photographers from five different parts of the world: Alex Fakso …

PRINT – Regulate 2 fanzine – Second issue Read more

[vimeo]https://vimeo.com/77586086[/vimeo] The second limited edition of the fanzine Regulate will be available in a few days. As for the first issue, the fanzine is dedicated to the street around the world and content handstyle, throw-up and more. It’s a A5 format. …

Gang bang 90′s fanzine Read more

Here are the two first issue of the french black & white magazine: Gang Bang. via ILG

WMD fanzine Read more

WMD fanzine is coming out. It’s an A3 format black/with at 13 euros. Ordering here.

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