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The Daily Old Crimes PT.46 Read more

Including letters by Kel One, Mesh AOK,  Van2, Part, Wips, Ghost, Dondi.  

The daily old crimes Pt.45 Read more

Including letters by Blade, Ghost RIS, Dondi, Fuzz, Iz the Wiz, Lee, Ket, Dondi CIA and Trady168  

The Daily old crimes Read more

With the style of Sento, Dondi, Ket, Solve and Packs by Ghost, Shame125, Sye, Romeo by Fuzz, Cavs, Iz th Wiz, Part1, Daze, Min, Drake and Shy127    

SHOW RECAP- Graffiti in the beginning – Spacejunk gallery Lyon Read more

The Spacejunk gallery  (Lyon- France) presents “Graffiti In the Beginning”, a show dedicated to the swish art collector and galerist Willem Speerstra collection. The gallery show the art of 17 NYC trainwriters throught many canvas and sketches painted between 82 …

The Daily Old Crimes Read more

with Doc, Kindo, Part,Noc,Duster, Dondi, Billy167

The daily Old Crimes Read more

with the style of Case2, Kyle, 2much by Case2,Pose by Dondi, Pove MPC, Pre by Dondi, Ask by Pure.

The Daily Old Crimes Read more

The Daily Old Crimes Read more


Auction @ Cornette de Saint Cyr Read more

On Sunday will take  place an auction organised by Cornette de Saint Cyr , you can find a lot of canvas from Ny famous graffiti artists for the like of Crime79 or Rammellzee but also some french heads such as …


Dondi White web opening Read more

¬† This site represents Dondi White‚Äôs life through his art. It contains images of his work on trains and images from his sketch books and black books. His blueprint collages, paintings, and drawings are also displayed. Included in this site …

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