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Lectrics Quiz – Old school trainwriting in NYC Read more

For those of you that don’t test our facebook quiz, you have until the October 8th, to play! You are already about 300 to answers the questions about the New-York trainswriting old good days! There is some great prices from …

BOOK REVIEW – Dishu: Ground Calligraphy in China Read more

After publishing two books about urban writing in São Paulo and Los Angeles – ” Pixação : São Paulo Signature ” & ” Cholo Writing: Latino Gang Graffiti in Los Angeles ” – François Chastanet, architect & designer, is coming …

BOOK- Cut and Fold Subway Sketchbook Read more

Dokument Press published a new sktechbook untitled Cut ad Fold Subway Sketchbook. It consist of a 8 different subway car paper models from 8 of the worlds metropolis.Cut, fold, glue and bam! Create your ow minimture subway model car. The …

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