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6 years ago we asked Sonic of the bulgarian crew PNC to presents some of his pictures taken at the occasion of his last travels. His throw-up and lettering still up to date and we propose you to discover again …

WALL – Ante x Blast x Kerts in Paris Read more

End of 2013, Blast UPC crew from Braunschweig passing through Paris. He take the tim to paint a wall with the DFP twins Ante and Kerts on Sunday at the Paris Bercy Skatepark. The session results is just below! ——————————————————————————————- …


Senor is greek writer that spent years painting in Paris. Today, the writer, member of the DFP crew, is back in Athenes where is still painting mad productions on the greek capital. Faithful to the inovative DFP style (that we …

Nok DFP Read more

Here is 4 pieces of Nok from the DFP crew. For those that don’t check already Nok was writing the name Nosif in the past years. Pictures courtesy of Man – Art is life        

Quirk x Bazar x Sano wall Read more

Nice wall painted under a bridge in Grenoble by Quirk (Heist), Bazar and Sano. Picture courtesy of Sano  

Grenoble Hall of Fame report Read more

Last week-end I visit my mate Aple 76 in Grenoble. We spend some time to have a look at the pieces of the Hall of Fame along the Isere canal. Many good pieces, especially the ones from Heyst (Quirk), Awol, …

The daily Crimes -DFP update Read more

 via/ via/ via/ via/ via

The Daily Crimes – DFP special Read more

DFP guys are never tired! Pure letters shaper. Respect. via / via

Senor DFP masterpieces Read more

Senor of DFP upload a few terrible syle letters on Streetfiles these last weeks. Below a few flix of his talent. More on his account here.

Aple76 – Velvet Liga & bandit1sm Read more

My homeboy Aple 76 had a lil special on Velvet Liga and was also represented on the 123Klan blog Check both links for more.

Nok DFP flix Read more

Nosif aka Nok78 from the crew DFP and GGF recently post 9 burners on internet.Here a few of them. More after the jump

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