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Cren is a writer that start writing at the end of the 80′s. A french german writer that speak both languages but also a nice guy. Check out an interview of him that will present you his art. I have …

Yard 5 Summer jam report Read more

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Hello my name is Read more

Fridge Magnets from Berlin with: Hello my name is Shoe,Cat22,Mode2,Phos4,Rew,Don,Inca,Komet,Rosko, Scotty76,Pekor,Siegel,Cren,Serch and Bates via Bates blog

Rime MSK interview by Cren Read more

Rime aka JerseyJoe came back after 7 years in Berlin. It was the best moment for Cren to interview this talented writer. 13 minutes of questions about The Exchanges, Berlin and lot of topics after the jump .

Poet Base23 Cope2 Cren in Berlin Read more

I found today a wall done by Poet, Base23, Cope2 and Cren on the Cope2 blog. More flix abour this action after the jump

Cren TNB interview Read more

Interview with Cren One, a graffiti artist from Germany who represents the Cold Beer Rulez Crew, Hotstuff Crew, The Nasty Boys Crew, Kings Destroy Crew and The Public Animals Crew How old are you? I turn 40 in April. Where …

Keen AWE ROC interview by Cren Read more

My homeboy Cren make a second interview for MTV. He interview Keen from London.  Keen interview via MTV Urban Fat Cap

Cren interview Smash137 Read more

The german/french writer Cren interview Smash 137 for MTV germany. Interview in german. Smash interview via MTV

Yard 5 Jam 2009- Berlin – The report Pt.1 Read more

¬†As last Year the Yard 5 Jam was taken place in the Lunas StrandGarten.This amazing place in the Friedrichshain¬†district is the perfect area to organize a graffiti jam. Yard 5 invite real old school Berlin city names and their GOD …

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