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Some weeks ago we presented to you the work of Stey from OBS crew through 50 exclusiv sketches (check out the article HERE). Today, it’s turn to another Berliner showing us how to do letters with a pen and a …

Criminal Minded 3 – full video Read more

  The video Criminal Minded 3 is on the web and present one of the greatest crew from Berlin, the CMD. It’s more than a hour of train action and trainspotting from the capital of style that you  can watch. …

Inka CMD video – Burgeramt sketch Read more

Fresh lil’ sketch done by Inca CMD! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvfMVN0S4D4[/youtube]

CMD crew Berlin – New video trailer Read more

The Criminal Minded from Berlin are going to release their third DVD with of course CMD production but also of the Berlin crew GHS-CTM-THC-CHB-HF-RCK-CYS-ZGM-DGB- 1on1-PRC-GFA-T2B-RTZ-RHG-156-NHS-TMR-QB. Here is the trailer of the video. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYto-vUAwPg[/youtube]  

Inka CMD in Sao Paulo Read more

Flix report on the Inka blog.

Inka blog – Kids of the nineties Read more

Inka¬†is right starting is hown blog, with lot of really nice content, specially from the 90′s. You Could see there many exclusiv posing and graff ¬†flix of Inka, Odem, Rew, Shek, Poet and many more.¬†It’s here: InkaOne “Kids of the …

Focus on Inka (CMD crew) 25 Exclusiv flix Read more

It’s a pleasure for us to present you the 25 last pieces of one of the best styler of Berlin : Inka of the Criminal Minded crew.  

Skim CMD – TCF Exhibition at Yard 5 -Berlin Read more

Mok 156 – CMD videos Read more

Mok from the Berlin crew Criminal Minded got a few videos on youtube. We link you some of them.

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