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The Daily old crimes PT.62 Read more

DC3 TDC Dome Dome TDC Ven Seen UA Kel CIA Slurp Ghost & Cav RIS Blade Mad  by Seen & Duster UA

The Daily old crimes PT. 47 Read more

Inculding letters by Blade, Doc TC5, Don, Let2, Torch

The daily old crimes Pt.45 Read more

Including letters by Blade, Ghost RIS, Dondi, Fuzz, Iz the Wiz, Lee, Ket, Dondi CIA and Trady168  

FILM – Graffiti dixit Art Read more

Graffiti dixit art is a documentary of 52 minutes about the amercian graffiti and his place in the european art market. Through New-Yorker carrer focus Quik, Blade, Jonone and Seen, the film trace back the graffiti mouvement from his birth to his success …

SHOW RECAP- Graffiti in the beginning – Spacejunk gallery Lyon Read more

The Spacejunk gallery  (Lyon- France) presents “Graffiti In the Beginning”, a show dedicated to the swish art collector and galerist Willem Speerstra collection. The gallery show the art of 17 NYC trainwriters throught many canvas and sketches painted between 82 …

The Daily Old Crimes Read more

with Comet, Blade, Worm2 by Part TDS, SenOne, Mack TNB, 2 times Sak, Risk and Zame3

Cony & Horfee at Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival Read more

   The Photograph Henrik Haven follow the writers Cony and Horfee painting two hudge walls at the occasion of the Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival in Viborg (Denmark). Henrik also take pictures of the Nychos and Blade pieces. All the pictures …

The Daily Old Crimes Read more

Bronx Sunday : Mr Comet Read more

The immortal Mr Comet got busy on a sunny day in the Bronx . (May 2013)   [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRPZxQfuGEU[/youtube]  

NewYork Kings Exhibition @ Lebenson Gallery Read more

Over three decades ago, the mean streets and projects of philly, Detroit & NYC began to blossom bright with spray-painted tales and tags of inner-city ‘hoodrats armed with spray cans, innate artistic talent, and a way with words and imagery …

Museum Scryption Tilburg – Opening 13th of June Read more

From the 13th of June a unique collection of work by international graffiti artists will be on view for the first time in the Netherlands at Museum Scryption in Tilburg. The work of graffiti artists A-one, Blade, Blast, Crash, Daze, …

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