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A new shop open in Barcelona. It is called Writers Barcelona. If you want to buy you favorite cans. Have a try there!  

VIDEO – Bufa, Naz, Odes, Toir and Znek in Barcelona Read more

Here is a video that highlight the writers Bufa, Naz, Odes, Toir and Znek when painting the subway cars from Barcelona. The music is produced by Florian Mommer. via Flame

VIDEO – BRUCE & MINA in HAVING fun in #BCN Read more

Bruce and Mina (Paris/Berlin) present a report of their street activities during a trip to Barcelona. They spend some time painting throw-ups and handstyles everyhere they can in the city. A really nice video that let us think throw-up is …

VIDEO – MUSA TFP in San Francisco Read more

 Musa TFP from Barcelona was on trip to the US and stops by San Francisco. She came back with a video where she paint a wall of the 1AMSF gallery directly in the street. ——————————————————————————————- La Barcelonaise Musa des TFP était …

Fasim 156 TFP WHD Read more

Stop the Buff posted a text written by Fasim about how it all start form him. You can also have a look at the pictures gallery that present some really nice pieces. Rest of the article and pictures: here. I …

Vino TSK VLOK interview Read more

Famous writer Vino from Barcelone answer to the BopGunn questions.It seems the guy have a quite nice way to think. I like this part of the interview: The good thing about graffiti is that if you stop, nobody is going to remember …

Crazy Road Style Read more

Shot in Cerdanyola del valles.

Daily Spanish News Read more

I think, the “daily spanish news” will be a weekly, because I don’t have enough sources to make one daily each days, so I think, one per week will be better, maybe 2. Enjoy this one and let see what …

Daily Spanish News Read more

Daily Spanish News Read more

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Daily Spanish News Read more

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