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Grenoble Hall of Fame report Read more

Last week-end I visit my mate Aple 76 in Grenoble. We spend some time to have a look at the pieces of the Hall of Fame along the Isere canal. Many good pieces, especially the ones from Heyst (Quirk), Awol, …

Xplorer meeting – Gris1 x Kid Kash x Aple76 x Bewo Read more

Gris1, Aple76, Kid Kash and I are good friends since many years . A few month ago, we found quite nice to consolidated this friendship and our love for exploring new styles and letters form on a crew. We found …

ABCDE sketches by Aple76 Read more

Aple76 put 3 nice ABCDE sketches on his tumblr. Nice ones!  

Aple76 new web Read more

Aple76 has now a new tumblr where he is posts his favourite pieces but also videos and news he likes to share. Have a look here.

Lectrics wall by Kash, Ryos, Aple76 and Izzy Read more

I will be out of this office and will be back in 2 weeks. Before I go, I wanted to share with you a wall done with my friends in Lausanne. If you want to see more flix and a …

Lectrics vs Molotow – The report Read more

¬† A few months ago, I got the idea to organize a Lectrics event but I couldn’t find the time and the motivation to organize it. At the same time, I was in contact with Molotow France – thanks to …

Lectrics VS Molotow week-end – A76 photoshoot Read more

Last week-end, Lectrics organized in collaboration with Molotow a meeting with the writers Jeroo, Kash, Aple76, Eazy, Gris, and Izzy. ¬†It was the occasion to meet us,¬† paint walls and have good time. As you may know Aple76 is also …

Colors Read more

Paris 2005 Read more

Adult Entertainment Read more

?Ç ?Ç Paw Aple

Adult Entertainment Read more

Aple More Paw ?Ç

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