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I’ve just come from court & Oker has been sentenced to 24 months (2 years) in prison..

You’ll no doubt read in the papers tomorrow that.. ‘Prosecutors described this ‘graffiti conspiracy’ as possibly the biggest they’ve ever dealt with’ (well they would wouldn’t they) . .In truth the lies & bullshit they threw at the judge during sentencing were quite disgraceful. He claimed not to have been influenced by some of it but clearly was. Let’s be honest, a legal system that allows such nonsense is not one to be applauded..
A country that prides itself on having a legal system that they claim is ‘revered around the world’ should take a good look at itself. Or to quote one of the geezers from The Wire… ‘Look how far we done fell’.

It’s sad that these fellas will miss Christmas with their families & a large chunk of next year but it’s even more sad the joke of a country we’re living in.

Hasta la victoria siempre. DRAX WD

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