Storie of a car door

XX Roma posted a video about the story of a door car from 1994 to 2013.

To understand the following video it is necessary to explain the various transitions. We start off with an Anec WPA painted in 1994 on B-line car MB.072. A year later one of the doors was taken off for maintenance and replaced with a clean door.
In 1996 a gold and silver ZTK wholecar was painted on the same car. The photograph of this layer was taken many months afterwards, when most of the gold paint had faded away, making it possible to distinguish the underlying Anec piece and the door that had been replaced.
For an easier comprehension, we will not dwell upon the subsequent layers.
In 2012, the door that was taken off car MB.072 for maintenance 17 years earlier was mounted on car MB.348, now repaired but not cleaned. As of October 1st, 2013, this car is running as you see in the video.


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