Skuf Ykk : Daily Doodles

Etch-a-sketch is now presenting Skuf from the Ykk crew in a show untitled Daily Doodles , a series of 5 drawings executed on a office day .

Etch-a-sketch présente l’artiste Skuf du crew ykk dans un online show intitulé Daily Doodles , comprenant une serie de 5 dessins .



Upon this online event, , exchanged 3 questions with the artist :

-What You Write ?

First name: SKUF Last name: YKK

-What are your early influences , motivations to write ?

My earliest influences come from my environment, I was surrounded by Hip Hop all my life. My older brother was a BBoy and many of his friends also wrote, so the graffiti element was brought literately to my crib. I am a product the late 80s early 90s Bushwick Brooklyn NYC.

Motivations? Well as for motivation I guess that has changed over time. When I was a kid it was a about competing with my boys pushing the bar of originality and competing on who gets up more. I never knew we had such a large audience it was about my boys and I, everyone else was excluded. That being said my peers motivated me. Now its just part of my life I’ve done it for so long. Before I lived to write now I write to live.

-throw-up or burners ?

I appreciate all aspects of original creative aesthetically pleasing graffiti, be it tags, throw-ups or burners. But, the element I like to indulge my self in and produce is the throw-up. If you know what your doing they can be fast fun and easy on the eye.

anything you would like to add , or shoot .*

If it aint fun it aint worth doing and keep pushing the bar of creativity……….. (& you owe me a $100.00 LOL!)


Visit the online show here

le show est ici 


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