SKKI t-shirt for sale

I would not expect that Skki will one day print a t-shirt. But he did! It’s a limited edition for the brand/crew Grim Team. Skki write one of these typical sentence he use to write in the streets and gallery since many years. For this special edition he choose to write: ”Beware of false knowledge it’s more dangerous than ignorance. Don’t Fuck with the Grim Team”.

The t-shirt cost 30 € + 6 € shipping …but it’s a Skki one! It remember me when we did our first t-shirt serie with Jayone, Poet and Serch…they were available at 40 €. Exceptionnal price for exceptionnal people! The tee is available in M, L and XL and presented by his crew bros Jay1 (picture below) at the Grim Team website here.

A good occasion to have a look on a few sentences/ thought I found here and there but also to remind us that Skki still one of the greatest styler in the early age of European graff and still influence many writers all over the world.








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