The exhibitionspace TYS has invited ID33 to do a site specific exhibition.
For TYS the artist ID33 creates a situation titled hot air consisting of an indoor and an outdoor work, ”hot air” and ”open air”. ID33 has blown and filled the gallery space with approximately 1750 kristall latex balloons. The visitor is unable to enter the exhibition space and forced to use the backdoor.
In this exhibition ID33 works directly with accessibility, changing the art space into a situation where you cannot fully access the art. The viewer has to move around to get a broader perspective of the works, but will never be able to capture it all at once. The second work, open air, is placed outside the back of the gallery on an unused wall in an unused space. The letters form ”i-D-E-E” in style. Due to the size of the work, and the narrow size of the alley, the visitor is not able to see the work completely. ID33 is looking for alternative solutions and situations concerning STYLE WRITING (widely called ”Graffiti”) in spaces dedicated to art. hot air presents the first part in a series of works that are spread over different exhibition situations.

In case you don’t know ID33, here is some info about his expriences and you check out a previous post we did about him, HERE.

Starting as a strict aerosol spraycan artist, ID33 later preferred the use of wall paint, paint rollers and telescope arms for his paintings and drawings in public space to get more in touch with the surface of a site.
ID33s way of perceiving a site for a letter-based work is not limited to surface itself. Instead ID33 works with an awareness of the surroundings, painting and placing ideas with an attitude of participation rather than one of conquering – always in tune with the complex and multidimensional situation in public space.
ID33 has been active in the STYLE WRITING movement since 1992 under different aliases. The alias ID33 was conceived in 1996 and has mainly developed in Berlin. ID33 has been active in cities all over Germany and European countries for more than two decades. ID33 belongs to the second wave of East-Berlin Graffiti-Writers after the fall of the Wall.
ID33 is part of the Jazzstylecorner Collective, holds a degree from the Art Academy and has a long experience in different areas of art.

Udstillingsstedet TYS
Studiestræde 13B
1455 København V

Phone: +45 20730567
Open: Wed – Fri from 1-6 pm and Sat 1-4 pm

17 October – 15 November 2014
Opening the 17 October 5 – 8 pm

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