Sabe: Still around.. @Makeyourmark

SABE: Still around..
8.- 28.2.2013

Europes most legendary graffiti artist is arriving to Finland! It`s not enough forSABE to paint on a sunny Sunday, he paints like armageddon is coming, while the sun rises. His passion towards painting almost reaches the brink of insanity, this drives him still after a active 27 year career to the Copenhagen train yards. The result of this is, he has become one of Europes most followed and respected graffiti writers.

MAKE YOUR MARK Garage / Gallery have the honor of being the first gallery to display a SABE solo exhibition. He last visited Finland with his good friendGhost and noticed how passionate the finns were towards the graffiti culture, because of that, he also wanted to have an exhibition at our gallery. Mixedmedia has been used in the displayed artwork. (spraypaint, airbrush, markers…etc)











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