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Montana World just put  a brief Sabe interview on their website. We learn about what graffiti means to Sabe and what is his current feeling about the scene. Read the full interview here.

How has graffiti changed from when you began writing untill now?

In the begining, when i began to write it was more like back in the day in new york, writers bench reunions, a lot of writers, 30 to 40 people in the subway stations, taking photos, drawing, tagging.. It was more open.

But now, there is a lot of bullshit going on. There is a lot of writers talking more than they are writing. I say that there is a lot of good writers too, but today there’s more bullshit generally.

You have been tattooing for 14 years…

Yes, I began to tattoo thanks to graffiti, but to me they are two separates things. if I didn’t write, i would never have started tattooing for sure. It helped me alot with colors, and letters, the shading, the outlines.
When I began, the guy that taught me watched the way i worked and he tried to teach me his way of technique. For sure i learned a lot, but in some way I taught him a lot because of all my graffiti  background.
Many people don’t know how big the community is, so when they realize they get surprised.

Do you  try to mix both worlds?

Of course I mix them, but  tattooing is on peoples skin, and you can’t do whatever you want on peoples bodies.  Graffiti is more free, you can do anything you want.  Tattooing is what I do for a living and of course it’s nice to live from the things you like in life, but it’s a job.

Plans and exhibitions.

Travel as much as possible.  Five or six years ago i began to feel tired of the city, the same walls, the same people… you know, everything. I began to have a lot of anger inside me, so i decided to travel to see different places and cities. That gave me more energy,  and i got to know a lot of new people…

What does painting trains mean to you?

For me, real graffiti is on trains. It’s like going there, go crazy and painting it in little time, and then see the train running.  Paint on walls, do some throw ups is ok, but it’s not the same..

For me, the whole experience is good. The photo is always a bonus. If you dont get pictures it’s bad, but you know you did it, you and your friends. You were there, you planned it, and you did it. And the day after, no matter what happens, you will have a smile on your face.

Maybe you can explain to us why it is so important that the panel runs in traffic?

Because it’s alive, It goes from A to B. With a wall people has to go to the wall to see it… with a train, no matter if people wants to see it or not, it will go to them, and comeback in your face.
i did a lot of trains just for doing it. Ten meters from the buff.. but i did it.

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