Revok arrested

Police: YouTube Videos Helped Snag 31-Year-Old Serial Tagger

INDIO, Calif. — A 31-year-old Los Angeles man suspected of leaving his mark — “Revok” — around the Coachella Valley during the last three Coachella Music and Arts Festivals has been arrested at his house and is facing a vandalism charge.

The alleged tagger’s habit of promoting himself on Web sites like YouTube helped investigators track him down, an Indio police spokesman said Sunday.

Jason “Revok” Williams was arrested in Los Angeles Thursday morning, and booked on suspicion of vandalism in connection with tagging incidents over the past three years, incidents coinciding with the popular Coachella Festival.

Police had been searching for Williams since April 25, when a new round of tags were spotted, and they were able to get fingerprints and track Williams down through the Internet, said Indio police spokesman Ben Guitron.

“He kept showing up at the Coachella Fest and he kept tagging parts of our city,” Guitron said. “No matter what you call it, it’s defacing public and private property.”

Williams apparently had corporate sponsors who backed his efforts as cutting-edge artistic expression, Guitron said.

“He’s considered to have great talent, but out here it’s not accepted,” Guitron said. “It’s a lifestyle where they love to promote themselves. We saw some things on YouTube and other places. We were able to identify him that way.”

Guitron said other agencies are following up on the identification of “Revok” and other tag identities Williams allegedly used. More charges in other jurisdictions may be forthcoming, Guitron said.


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