REVIEW – Fanzine: Photography by Spray Daily

The website SpayDaily printed its first publication under the name Photography, a 28 page, black and white fanzine printed in a A6 format . It features photopraphies of five different photographers from five different parts of the world: Alex Fakso (Italy, Noc Gossage (Austalia) Leo Rivinoja (Sewden), Shootyourstyle (Russia) and Nils Müller (Germany). Those photographers follow writers in their illegal activities in order to picture some intense moments and document the graff scene . The theme of this fanzine is really interesting and the results impressive! The selection of pictures is great and for most of them unpublished. A text written by each photographer goes with their pictures.The layout is simple but clean and the quality of paper and print is what we can wait from a fanzine in 2013. SprayDaily adds also 5 postcards, one from each photographer and also some stickers. This package is available at our friends at Spraydaily for a good value for money : 10 € …free shipping world-wide!

Fanzine available HERE.


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