We start Lectrics a 7 and half years ago. Wow! Quite a long time already.But we still enjoy sharing with you the graffiti related stuff we like. And as we are just before entering 2015, we thank it would be cool to look back at 20 projects or articles we did in the past years. A good occasion also to wisha merry christmas to all of you!



2007 -Basically, Lectrics was planed to be a clothing brand. We start our first t-shirts collection with a three top writers collection: Jay One BBC, Poet GFA and Serch NES. The t-shirts were limited and numerated at 50 ex. per model. We sold most of them in Germany (thanks to our friend at Yard 5 and also Overkill, Montana shop…). It was 8 years back!

lectrics vs molotow


2010 – Lectrics vs Molotow. A cool week-end sponsored by our spraypaint partner. We just invite our friends Aple76, Kash, Wobe, Jeroo and Easy and paint two walls in Lyon and Villeurbanne. The full recap of that wek-end is HERE. Aple76 did some nice white and black portrait of the writers present this week-end HERE. Our mate Supadope did also some top action pictures HERE

3rap video interview

2014 – The first and only video interview we have done, courtesy of our friend and producer Julien Vimeux. It happened when we saw the book RER C of the writer and archivist Rap UV TPK. We know him and also the ease with which he speaks about graffiti and the old good trainwriting period in Paris. The idea came to interview him about this unique time where many and many writers paint the RER C line. That book promotion video was also a good excuse to let him know about that time.



2008 – In June 2008 we start our first documented article that present the work of Sonick PNC through different posts. We called it the “Sonick week” and posted throw-up, hall pieces and some trains of his recent trips. He was the first to provide us with some content and was also connected to us as he was in charge of the print of our two first t-shirt series. The pictures are not anymore readable on Lectrics due to broken links but we found some of this pictures through the Internet. Here they are!



2013 – We started a sketch battle through Facebook. The results was not good as expected as it was more a “facebook popular battle” than a real style battle. Always hard to organise such a competition through social networks. Anyway, we had the chance to receive sketches from great writers like More, Paw, Kacao, Fasim, Rosy, Abyss, Dejoe…At the end,  about 65 sketches were published. Results  of the battle are HERE.



2014 – Maybe not the most read interview we did but one of our favorite. Sin from OBS crew take his time to answer our questions in details and provide us with exclusiv burner that impressed us a lot. We have to say that the guy from Berlin have quite the same vision of graffiti than we have here at Lectrics and it was a pleasure to do this interview. If you didn’t read it, it’s never too late. It’s HERE.


2012 – We produce the “Hombeboys” t-shirt collection in collaboration with Aple76, Gris1 and Wobe. To promote this new t-shirt collection we did that short video produced by Julien Vimeux. It was hard to do as we didn’t want to promote ourself but our work and our vision of style. Full recap and more info about the t-shirts HERE.



2012-Lectrics wall – Somey from Brussels came a few days at the Lectrics HQ. Two days of painting under the rain but we had good time.



2014 – 5 pieces 5 stories is the name of a section we start in 2014. The idea was to ask some old school writers to tell about 5 pieces they have done back in the days. We convinced Part TDS and Skeme TMT to participate. Hopefully we will do some more articles like this in 2015. Hope you enjoin reading this article as much as we like to do it. In case you want to have a look, check out the Skeme article HERE and the Part article HERE.



2014 – Rage is a real humble and nice person. This guy is also a concentrate of talent and experimentation…always down to support Lectrics. This year we were both honored to do this Interview that you can read HERE. Mad props to you bro!


dd1 zeus40-for-Lectrics

2014 – Our friend and best tour operator did two pieces for us. So a big honor for us to get props from a talented writer like Zeus. Thanks again man!



2011 – We did several trips in Lausanne to paint some walls with our local friends. Here is one of them with Aple76, Kash, Ryos and Wobe79. Full recap HERE



2008 – Nomad is a guy we know since about 17 years. Back in 2008 he didn’t get the exposure he actually have but we know that in the north of Germany he was painting a lot of great walls. We found intersting to ask him some questions about his style and his concept murals. You can read his interview HERE. In addition, Nomad provide us with some wall that you can see HERE.


Pro76 from Paris is a sort of guy that try to find new idea at every line. T-ups, pieces, tags or canvas… this writer push is art in all of the writing disiplines. A few days before he left Paris for a german trip we wanted to know more about him and organised an interview . You can read it HERE



2014- Wane is that New-York old school writer that keep style up until today. After his travel to Lyon, we took some time to met him and asked him some questions. As old school fanatics we are, it was a pleasure to meet him and a big honor for us to do this interview with him. You can read that interview HERE.



2010 – Good time with Junior aka Tchad and our official writer partner Gris1 for a very special Lectrics wall. This was also a period were Tchad was living in Lyon. We did a few Lectrics walls all of 3. It was interesting to mix illutration and pieces on some concept walls. Good experience.


SD1_9094 1L

2011 – T-shirt collab with Dize VMD. A very special t-shirts serie as we produce one unique t-shirt per design. In total 30 t-shirts, all different, dedicated to cartoons and comics. (pictures by Supadope)



2012 – We’ve asked the 1UP crew to answer  7 questions and they provide us with 7 pieces of trains. You can read the article HERE.



2011 – The old timer and 27 years long activist, Poet, give us some times to answer our questions. More than one of the greatest euro writer, Poet is also a nice story teller and pure style analyst. An interview that came 3 years after our t-shirt collaboration. You can read the interview HERE.




2014 – Persu of OCT crew answer our questions on a very long interview. He also provide us with a tone of pictures. You can read the interview HERE.


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