Report – The Rise Of Graffiti Writing – From New York to Europe

It was supposed to come out in September but finally the publish date is annouced for the November 13th: The Rise of graffiti writing – From New-York to Europe describe how graffiti start and how it came to Europe, starting by Amsterdam, Paris and London. From what we see on this trailer and what we heard about, it should be one of top documentary ever. How graffiti cross the Atlantic to arrive in Europe has been a topic often treated in the media (books, reports …). But this is the first time that this topic is the subject of a complete report. In recent years we have seen video graffiti filmed in a more and more professional way with more and more actions and budget. It is good today with this series to be able to see and hear a piece of history that should include many writer that took part of it. It may be what was missing in recent years. We are really looking forward to discover this 10 episodefab-5-freddy-debbie-harry-LEE-bobby-grossman serie.

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