Remio interview

Getnloose interview Remio of the VTS crew. They ask him to answer to 20 questions.Here are the first ones, the rest is here.


1. Tell us who you are, how you came about your name, what crews you rep and how long you have been writing?

Hello, I‚Äôm Remio. I made up my name in 1998, it came about through a series of contortions on different words I was writing. I had been writing band names like ‚ÄúNIRVANA‚Äù or ‚ÄúZAPPA‚Äù or ‚ÄúZAP40‚Ä? for Frank Zappa, and his birth year..and also ‚ÄúTRADEMARK‚Äù, ‚ÄúSERE‚Äù, ‚ÄúIMER‚Äù, and so forth‚Ķ ‚ÄúREMIO‚Äù came about as a variation on ‚ÄúIMER‚Äù. I had just flipped it backwards for the sake of doodling something different, I added that ‚ÄúO‚Äù because of a local writer i looked up too (‚ÄúFATSO‚Äù, He‚Äôs still active, and was crushing the town I lived in at the time..) He would flare out his ‚ÄúO‚Äù and I liked that so I added an ‚ÄúO‚Äù. The letters themselves were appealing to me as well. They were good to draw. Common letters, with many applications across vocabulary.

2. Who was your biggest influence when coming up?

It wasn’t anyone in particular, it was the feeling of graffiti. I was moving so much I didn’t get a chance to connect the dots and realize anything beyond that the writing on the wall was there. It looked unusual and I was drawn in to the mystery..

4. Favorite city and why

Copenhagen in 2005 with Kegr was fantastic. That was a lot of fun, riding bikes and bombing. Dumpstering in North Copenhagen for watermelons, then reselling slices. Chilling in Christiania. I saw some great shows there as well. Sister Nancy, Peaches and David Bowie.

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