PRODUCT- NEW CAN ” Nasty Sons Plum”

The guy at Molotow bring a new can dedicated to the writers Mega & Romeo bette known as Nasty Sons from Holland. For the occasion, they painted a nice wall with their own color.

“We were pretty excited when we heard we did get our ‘own’ artist color. It’s called Nasty Sons plum. The color is perfect for us, not too light and not too dark (so it won’t look black on a photo). Perfect for outlines, a background color or for filling in. It’s a good covering color somewhere in between purple and blue.” (NASTY SONS)

Bildschirmfoto-2016-03-15-um-12.06.27 nastysonsplum01 nastysonsplum02 nastysonsplum05 nastysonsplum06 nastysonsplum07 nastysonsplum09 nastysonsplum10 nastysonsplum11-final-web

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