Pro176 interview @ FATCAP

Pro176, member of the infamous Grim Team Crew and creator of the galactic style answers the FatCap Team questions. Let’s meet Pro!

FatCap : Where does “Pro176″ come from ?

Pro176 : I changed my tag in 1995 into “Pro”. I needed a short name with few letters, at that time a three letters name was original, many had one with four or five or more. For my part, I appreciated the “P” and I had the reputation of being very professional in what I was doing. “Pro” was obvious. I declined to “Profecy” thereafter for music, “176″ is related to my birth year 1976. I removed the “9″ in reference to New York’s graffiti in the 70′s. In fact, they all had a tag with a three-digit number behind.



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