PREVIEW – Artistz 6th issue


Our friends from Artizt Berlin will bring out their 6th issue in a few days. They give us a preview that let us think the best of Berlin should be in. From dope S-Bahn and U-Bahn selections, articles about Buzz, Oase and the DSF crew through halls pieces by Stey, Nick and some others. 108 pages, full colors and with large format pictures!

In addition, as a sort of introduction here are some words of the editorial staff:

“[...] Too many of these guys think that rocking 10 trains turns them into “train kings” and thus they can act up with the established ones (analogous with the development of society). This “scene” has gradually developed to the negative, concerning quality, intelligence, individuality etc. Quality has decreased significantly throughout the years. I refer to train writing only. Sooner or later this “scene“ will go down, I hope. It won’t be a loss to society. [...]”
… with this critical statement WAY (MRN43) leads you into the brand new issue of Artistz No. 6 – Graffiti Magazin from Berlin.
One year passed by since the 5th issue was published carrying a new design. Meanwhile the capital of germany was hit quite a lot times, so it’s time for you to have a look at the writers work.

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