Poet Kage Wesp – Berlin first one man whole cars

These are the only 2 existing pictures of the first One man whole cars on Berlin subway, done in the subway lay-up ‚ÄúPlatz der Luftbr?ºcke‚Äù on the U6 line in 1989. The lay-up was located straight under the west-Berlin Police headquarter. KAGE painted a ‚ÄúStop toy on train‚Äù whole car on the first waggon, in the middle of the train painted SICK aka WESP an ‚ÄúFuck the buff‚Äù e-to-e and SARE aka Poet painted a ‚ÄúSare Ice cold‚Äù whole car on the last waggon.

Info via ILG


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