Got a phone call from my man TERN from the TEH crew would invited me over to chill with his longtime partner LEGEND. I met him a couple of time, when he was active in the mid 90′s but never met him again till this summer. I remember his name from wayback cos as a tall and very humble guy, he was always getting the higher spot on the gates mostly all city, large fatcaps were his trademark at that time. I was really thinking he was a street writer only, but little did i know, he’s been going underground too. Well, i recalled when he got down on the 4 trains together with Nasty to do some larges (as we used to call it) vandalizer tags . The principle was easy, a bucket of ink, some gloves and a sponge : no surrender  (i think you can find some photos of this action in the book ‘descente interdite‘). But for the record, he did more than that…So as we started talking about the good old days or the golden era of the parisian movement , the man got up on a chair as if he was climbing a rooftop and managed to grab some vintages suitcases full of photos ! Pictures after pictures the history of the man and his partners such as Tern, Druide, Kirs , Gest , Rez or Drone starts flowing like a book that haven’t been opened for years. Now therefore,   just as in a real LEGEND ,  i won’t tell you more  , letting the collective unconscious makes his own way.

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