Paris Writer 101 : CLOZE

While trooping the city a few days ago, I was surprised when on a side street on boulevard de Belleville, I saw a silver tag on an electrical box. You know that kind of tag that got your attention, cos the style, the placement is different from what you usually see. Most of the times, its a foreigner coming from the Us or from far in Europe. But for once it wasn’t the case, the name that stood was Cloze. If you wasn’t around Paris in the early or mid 90′s you probably never heard about that name, its not that kind of writer that got over exposure in book or documentary (well you never know) but if you know your game, you probably ran into a silver tag deep on a light bulb in the tunnel or in some after party back door stairs.. Cloze is that type of guy that is famous for his hand style, (should I add for his life style?) , this is a category of writer that might get stucked in the hidden part of your brain just cos you saw him up one or two times. He was rolling with a click called the PMK, together with the other Ike aka Song, and that shadow name : Anonym. They were mostly striving around Barbes and the two trains.. To me , when it comes to hand style in Paris , Cloze is probably on top of my top 5, off course behind Dozer Tcg who I will give the same title as the infamous Min Rtw : Second to none. I haven’t seen a Cloze’ tag, let’s say in the last 15 years I guess, dude just disappeared like a ghost like the rest of his team except maybe for Song that I met occasionally at some party (note for my sneakers head: last time he was wearing some Spiridon , I’m assuming it was around 2000something due to the fact that were retroed in 2003(?) Maybe) . As you can see in the picture, its like the man never let the can go, his style is still in shape and the flow always here.. Enjoy that Z on the dark gate , you barely see a hard one like that, and the crazy extension on them E!
Oh well, sometimes its just refreshing to see old heads coming out of nowhere like a jump in the past..








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