Overkill book 15 – Review

I got one copy of the brand new Overkill book edition that released the Berlin team for  their 20 years . For this special edition they prined a 400 pages book,  with as usual only Berlin styles (and fast only Berlin writers). The book cover all the scenes from the train to the  hall of fame. The pieces are mostly from 2010 to 2012 with many exclusive pictures and a few writers focus (6 to 8 pages focus – Stey, Nick, Gone, Acid, Dike, Rocco, Stereo…). I was quite happy to see some writers that are not usually on the media like Abys, Bensa or Nick but also some old timers that still painting like Shek and Amok. I take a few pictures of the pieces that give me interest. If you like the Berlin stylewriting, this book is just a must have! You can buy it here.



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