Mouvement. book and pictures

You should know about this famous book called Mouvement. Released last year by Jay Ramier, Marc Boudet and Yoshi Omori. If not, this a photo book about the hip-hop golden age  in Paris. The focus is done on two major places of this movement: Stalingrad wasted land where the BBC, Bando, Mode and many French pioneers painted and Le Globo, a concert hall where all French and US Djs and rappers came to perform. Those two places where the main meeting areas for all the Parisan hip-hopers. Yoshi Omori took many pictures during this period and put them on this book.

If you want to know more about the idea under the book, check the interview here.

I just discover that Mouvement have also a Facebook page with a lot of unpublished pictures. I put a few of them (published and unpublished) below but I can only suggest you to check the official page for more content.HERE


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