Moses and Taps interview

Topsprayer gave an interview for the website Wertical. Really interesting content you should read if your are a train lover or not. Full interview  here. For those that didn’t know Moses and Taps will show their talent on an exhibition in Köln beginning of February. I can easely imagine that this show will be much more interesting than so many boring canvas exhibition we see actually.More info about the exhibition here.

Wertical: Graffiti sprayers and especially train writers like you conceal your identities by using pseudonyms, which identify you to activists within the graffiti scene while keeping you anonymous to outsiders. Yet, the pseudonyms also serve as evidence for the police. You exploit this game of hide-and-seek to a new level. You are beyond reach for both the activists on the scene and the police. How did you come up with this rigorous decision?
MOSES & TAPS™: Our past experiences led us to this approach.

WE: Does this mean that you had brushes with the law?
M&T™: No, we didn’t have a brush with the law. But that doesn’t mean authorities don’t have a problem with us. We play with rules, with the likes of the graffiti scene as well. We don’t comply with the rule that there should only be one protagonist sporting one certain name. As you said, this ensures recognition within the scene as well as for special police forces. Of course, it is of great interest for authorities that this rule remains like it is.

WE: Are Moses and Taps your former pseudonyms that emerged into one?
M&T™: They were two former code names. Meanwhile, we no longer identify ourselves by individual names; it is totally random who uses which name. Everything can happen …

WE: Except that you will betray yourself. Surely, you keep the exact number of members as secret as your official names, don’t you?
M&T™: Exactly, We often caricature this. Sometimes, we introduce ourselves as the merry quintet, another time as the messy duo, and yet another time as the sympathetic trio.

WE: You have been working together since 2007. How did you find each other? Was it through your work or because you clicked personally?
M&T™: We had similar approaches and opinions of graffiti as well as thoughts about what we did in the past and still want to do in the future. And yes, of course, we also have sympathy for each other. But we didn’t find each other because of our individual styles; they couldn’t have been more diverse at that time. We actually began to bring our styles more into line with each other when we began to play with the names.

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