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Maybe 10 years ago, I remember that I’ve tried this link . But I never seen any content except a Mode picture on it…like if Mode reserved this link for the futur. Finally he did it! The brand new website of Mode 2 is open. Here are his fist words:

I can’t believe that it’s actually finally up, but yes, is now more than just this one page with a few links at the bottom.

In between my work, gigs and trips, I will be uploading content onto the site, and keeping you all updated on the goings on, so take note that this is just the beginning, as I still have  a lot more images to upload into their respective sections; whether this be “Drawings”, “Paintings”, or “On Site”.

Some of you may notice that there are not any big walls or even small pieces apparent anywhere, but this is intentional on my part, as I do not wish to give away all my analogue archives on-line, and the handling of this aspect of my artistic production requires a little more thought. I plan to eventually publish my spray-paint production in a book format, so I am, with regards to this eventuality, holding back on my negatives. It won’t happen tomorrow, but it will happen one day; promise ;-)

I’d like to thank my two good friends Deemo, for the design, and Manu, my host, for making this all happen, as well as WordPress of course, for allowing people such as myself to manage their own site.

I invite you to check his new and past drawings after the jump.

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