Mode 2 in London



Mode 2 is back on 12oz and put his this “Music” piece painted in May in London.

Now it’s not really my thing to harp on about what I’ve been up to, or to post photos about it, but the one thing I have to accept with this website is that many of the people here do not live in Europe, and even if they were in Europe they wouldn’t be able to burn their hard-earned cash on a ticket, just to go and see a piece…

  Of course things were WAY different before the fanzines, the websites, and the “graffiti-shops” came into being. Not totally unlike the way heads used to sit and wait for a real train with real pieces to roll by live and direct, whenever we would hear about this or that piece, back in London in ‘84; we would actually shift our butts, and try to find and look at the piece, in its geographical context… or else we would go and sit on a platform and hope to see it rolling by…

  I don’t play around that much with spray-paint anymore, mainly due to the fact that my sinuses are shot for the two or three days following the painting; even if I’m wearing the mask, the gloves, and even have my hair covered. The shit still gets in, while paint manufacturers get richer still; with some even boasting cans of colour with writers’ names on them.

  Still, this year has started to see a bit of action from me, so I’ll endeavour to keep you posted about it all; that part of my life, as well as some of the other stuff on the side…

  First up then is a big wall I did in London back in mid-May, using eight 5 Litre tins of orange household exterior paint to do the background alone.

  Having started on the Friday, and finishing in the early hours of Monday morning, this was indeed a short and intense little marathon, where I got some very welcome help for the preparation of the surface.

  All the stuff was projected on, I have no shame in saying, as the time was that short. Still, I kind of enjoyed it, though it’s difficult to find the exact words to describe the act of painting itself. So here’s a first shot of the wall I did on Wenlock Road in Shoreditch, London, though I’m sure that some of you have already seen it on other web addresses somewhere…

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