Mausol?©e by Lek & Sowat

Huge idea from Lek and Sowat! During a year the guys paint 40 000 m2 of ¬†Supermarket walls and invite about 40 writers to participate at this enormous “Mausol?©e”. Khan edit for them a 7 minutes video where you can see how big is the place and how innovative are the pieces. Lek and Sowat will show a year of work on an parisian apartment, tomorrow: an event to not missed! (location on the flyer below)

List of the writers that participate:Apotre, Bims, Blo, Bom.k, Boyane, Brusk, Deap, Dem189, Fl?©o, Gris1, Hobz, Honda, Jayone, Jaws, Kan, Katre, Lek, Monsieur Qui, O’clock, Onde, Outside, Rems, Romi, Sambre, Seth,Siao, Skio, Smo, Sowat, Spei, Swiz, Tcheko



A book is also available.

Authors | Lek & Sowat
Publisher | Alternatives
web |
ISBN | 978-286227- 717-2
french | 256 pages | 24 x 34 cm | 39 €


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