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Marvel from Malmö answers to the MTN questions.

Present yourself in more than four sentences..

Shit, present myself?… I am Marr, Marvel… from Malmö in the south of Sweden which is my scene. Been in this since 94 and never quit ones since then…
I seem like the typical shallow swedish guy to many people, but I guess that appearances can be deceptive..
When I was a kid and started painting I wanted to be as active as the rest of the writers I met or heard of in the world. Today I’m more relaxed in that sense, I just wish I can continue painting the rest of my life, since I don’t have any plans on quitting.
I was about 13 years old when started writing, and now, around 17 years later it is not all about bombing and graffiti, I also have my art to take care of on the side of it. I don’t have the same need to manifest myself and get up in the same way as when I was a kid, even if still couldn’t live without painting. Graffiti raised me.

Is there a big difference between your art and your graffiti?

My art is something people can keep looking at more constantly, it can be studied in another way. Graffiti is more like playing your favorite tune… you know it well, and love doing it, but it speaks to another type of people. Graffiti speaks to people who are like me, while the art tries to speak to folks who otherwise wouldn’t appreciate our type of expression. It can be hard to make them feel the same love we feel from seeing a freshly painted panel roll in to the platform, so to say.

Check the full interview here.

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