MAGAZINE REVIEW – Auri Sacra Fames N°2

The first issue of Berlin magazine Auri Sacra Fames was already qualitive (quite rare for a first release), the second one available since about 3 weeks is just impressive. It’s a 235 page magazine (can we still call this a magazine ?), full color glazed paper with a soft cover. The content will give you a very good overwiew of the Berlin scene with many styles, crews and writers represented. It’s not only about the people that we’ve all known for years but Auri Sacra Fames gives place to many new comers or people that are not that much represented in magazines but still gifted. People that currently rock the city and have style like Roy, Backe, RCK guys, Oase or Spider to name a few. As for the first issue, the magazine is a good mix between, tags, halls, subways and commuter trains. The TBA crew has got a special with Hamburg and Berlin whole cars and panels on 23 pages. The guys of ASF interviewed the Unlike U documentary film makers Björn Birg and Henrik Regel about their victory against the BVG (public transport of Berlin)…really interesting to know the details of the trial. They also interviewed the old school trainwriters Shek and Skim and sum it upon a double page. My favourite part of this magazine is the 4 pages about Abis. The guy has been writing subways for so many years. Crazy.  

 As a conclusion, Auri Sacra Fames will give you a good picture of the city with qualitative pictures, and a diversity of writers. As I suggested you to buy the last Overkill book a few weeks ago, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed by this second issue of Auri Sacra Fames. We support!  

You can order your copie HERE for 15 € 

Have a look also at their official Facebook page HERE



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