Lectrics vs Molotow – The report


AD23A few months ago, I got the idea to organize a Lectrics event but I couldn’t find the time and the motivation to organize it. At the same time, I was in contact with Molotow France – thanks to our website for others issues-. In February , I discussed with the spraycan brand to organize an event in Lyon. They were fully down with the project. So, we did it! I give a few call to my boys in Germany, Switzerland and France and we were ready for a Lectrics vs Moltow week-end. Aple 76 from Grenoble, Kash from Lausanne, Jeroo from Stuttgart, Easy from Munchen, Gris from Lyon and I, we were ready to burn two walls in the week-end. Friday evening, I picked up Aple and Kash at the train station. At the same time, Jeroo and Eaz ycame by car. We quickly met them at the Lectrics headquarter and went to a funk party from la Face B to have a few drink and meet Gris and friends there. Dj’s played a cool selection of 80′s tracks… I asked Kash to show us the 7 dollars dance, but he was too busy discussing with colleagues or maybe too shy for a demonstration. After a few hours, we decided to come back at home and sleep to be ready for the week-end.

AD116PANORAMASaturday, we wake up very early ’cause we have to pick up the cans at the post station. We eat a German brekfast with egs and meats products…maybe because of our gast. We met Gris at the famous Lyon Hall of Fame in ‚ÄúCroix Rousse‚Äù .This is the typical spot that for visitors, this is a basketball and football playground that looks like strictly hip-hop when players slam and kids from the area play football. I personally don‚Äôt like anymore this place but for my guest, you know … Lots of toy and teenagers gave no respect for master piece from colleagues and paint over some of my pieces‚Ķ that the price we have to pay cause of nowadays easy graffiti access. But this is another topic. Let’s get back to the session. Eazy provided the team with a grey background and Gris placed each writers. We decided to use this grey as an enormous stone wall. It was not really innovative but we had to find an idea quickly. Everybody started his piece, Gris and Easy were in charge of the stones break and I was in charge of a cosmic background in the black background. In the middle of the afternoon, my friend Supa Dope visited us, a talented photograph from Lyon focus on graffiti. He took some flix of the writers and discuss with all of us. I will show you his footage this week on an another post. Easy conclued this session with a lettering : “Lectrics VS Molotow”. It was really freezing all day and we had just one thing in mind: get back at home. The night was really smoothy…We ate tasty Lasagne and chill on the headquarter. Kash was coming with his black book, some of us were hot to sketch some letters on it.that was on.

AD21On Sunday, we wake up at 7.30 AM. We went to the hall of fame to get some flixs with the light of the morning. Aple76 wanted to make portrait flix of each other in front of our piece. Check the result on his website. We finished the shooting and drove to the new spot near Lyon, in Villeurbanne. This is Gomer’s wall, a cool place with different walls. It was arranged that we will take the biggest one. No concept for this wall, just a black background and styles. Jeroo and Easy had to left very early so they speed up there piece. They leave us at 2.00 PM ’cause they had 6 ours of drive. Gris and I wanted to place some polygon and cosmic effect. Kash was in charge of painting some martians below our pieces. We finished the wall at 5.00 PM and chill a little bit. After that I brought back Aple and Kash at the train station and went back home. It was a perfect week-end with cool boys (except that we had to endure the joker Aple…haha)…I think I will reorganised this kind of week-end in the near future. Peace to the writers of this week-end and stay up!!

A76 exclusiv flix and portrait after the jump

A few flix on Molotow after the jump

First day pieces

Second day pieces

First day action flix 

Second day action flix

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