Pure Parisian, Koolfunc’88, graffiti writer and graphic designer, member of the Almighty UB Gang(Ultraboyz) and the infamous Grim Team drops us some words about him, his background, his letters and his style..From Paris with love!

Introduce yourself please.
I’m KoolFunc’88 (’88 is an important year in my life, because a lot of things started then). I used to write Satur and Turs74 as a graffiti artist, then went back to Func’ (a nickname for Funcrime, my first writing name) for a few years now.

I’m part of the international Ultraboyz inc, the infamous GrimTeam, the late TWMobb and a few other Parisian graffiti groups. I’m living as an independent graphic designer, I’m the art director for a Skateboard wheels brand and I take care of the U.B. Blog.

You’re a kid of the 80′s, born lived and grown in the suburbs of Paris. How did that sub-culture explosion of the 80′s, in Europe, influence you? What was your first touch with that culture?

As a kid, I never saw it coming, at young age I started, like every average kid, to zone in the suburb on my bike with my friends trying to find some new places to play, build things, break things… at that time a lot of places were abandoned and waited to be rebuilt,so they were our playgrounds. Maybe the 1st “Sub-Culture” I encountered with was the Bmx near 83-84. I’ve ridden on tracks for a few years. Then comes the 2nd wave of skateboarding(’86). It was big! Everybody was doing it everywhere, we were looking for some vids and magazines trying to copycat the Bones Brigade.

So if you know a lil bit about that era, you may know that the “Graphics” were very dominant and that we also gave our contribution with some whacky graffiti on our local spots. Honestly, I never realized what we were doing, we were just doing it naturally for fun, but in 1988 i put it on an other level inspired by older guys (like Bronco, Arsenic, Cap, Cesar, Torpe…) who were already bombing in our area and started to bomb “for real” with a few partners…and slowly let my skateboard home. Since then, I’ve never stopped.

What does the word LETTER mean to you?How should a letter be,in order to be a good one?

Whoa! How can I explain that? It’s so pleasant to write, just write. The alphabet is magic. After that, doing good letters is a must and it takes time to have the right vision about the shape and look. It’s very subjective to judge a letter good or bad, but not that much…hehe! A good letter must have the right balance of form, dynamic and logic, the style comes last and makes it dope or whack. I think that it’s valuable not just for graffiti but for any kind of work with letters, but I could be wrong.

You’ve been working and improving your letters,your forms, your style for all these years, and you still are. What keeps you still in touch with the pencil, the canvas and the wall, without retiring as many writers of your generation did?

Maybe that question comes at a bad time as I’ve started to pump the brakes on my Graffiti activities for a while. Anyway, I’m still in contact with the Letters as a graphic designer and for me it’s kinda the same. To tell you the truth I’m still working on some graffiti forms but not anymore often on walls so I can’t call it graffiti anymore. It’s just fun between two artworks.

¬†Not that I’m bored or something but I have a life and graffiti has taken so much time ,so many years, I have to choose priorities. For sure, I will never stop drawing some graffiti (throwies, tags or letters) because I can’t. And as soon as I can catch some time I will go back on the battlefield. Graffiti gave me everything as far as I can remember and I can’t see me doing something else other than graphic activities.

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