Ken Sortais exhibition at Galleries Goldstein in London

Ken Sortais, Princes of darkness

Galleries Goldstein. More info here.

Opens this Thursday Dec 13th, 6.30 – 9.30pm

If your indisposition is a burden, if it affects your life, if it tyrannises you and annihilates your desires, here is an ancestral remedy to cure almost everything, but be careful, it is precarious. This method is not taught in any books and can not be accessible to everyone. To make it work, you need to believe in it. Believe blindly. You have to devote yourself to the spirits you will try to call. From this moment, such an act of submission is not accessible to all : prudes, cowards and religious people may rebuff. This is nothing else but black magic, magic that has harmful repercutions on your life and on the ones close to you. In order to act, there is no other choice but to empty yourself from your consciousness : you must sedate it. Firstly, you will give birth to eighteen entities, each of them symbolizing evils buried since the beginning of Humanity. Eighteen apostles of evil whom you will know nothing about, whom you should not try to give meaning, but rather materialise as soon as you detect them. These spirits can take different forms, and their representations change according on the person considering them. Their nature is never-changing, buried in the most archaic layer of our minds. Once materialisation is operated, you have to prove allegiance by exposing these evil faces : these forces arrogantly feed themselves vicariously through the individual’s attention, here is the secret of this unusual recovery. By flattering the egos of these insatiable visages, you will allow them to enter their own process of creation, and the magic will happen. By entrusting them with a feeling of independance, you will fully prove that you are only the hand submitted to their will… I must recall that this is not an entirely safe experience for you and your loved ones, but past recoverings have proven the cure’s efficiency… Therefore, after a period of gestation, these small evils will concentrate their energies, all carrying a common will for revenge and you will see, nights after nights, the birth of their univocal venger arbiter : the golem. Protean, and largely capricious, the golem’s power of healing is immense. Traditionnally, the spirit would penetrate darkest abysses of individuals to make them vomit on the surface. Do not be shocked or the magic would be shattered. Embrace the interpretation of your real nature. Do not fear recovery anymore.

Galleries Goldstein will also be launching an edition for Ken Sortais, as well as further editions from Lucas Dillon, Mark Mulroney & Daniel Sparkes.

20 Coronet Street, London N1 6HD

Opening times: Thu – Sat 12 – 6.30pm

Online store: click here

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