Kash – 7 Dollars – Black book session Pt.2

Last month I took some pictures of the Kash black book and wanted to share them with you. I also asked Kash if he can let us know whats sketching stand for him.


I always thought style is the most important thing.

Style doesn’t grow on trees. It’s something that comes from a long process of study – life experiences – creativity and practice.

I put a lot of pressure on myself in term of style and I am often unhappy with what I paint. Blackbook sketch allows me to try things and make mistakes that I wouldn’t do outside. I’t's how I push my style, try color shemes, change name with AKAs and practice on alphabets, concepts, caracters etc… Most of it remains unseen to the public – I see it like my secret receipe book.

I always listen to music when I sketch I am a drug-free guy so I use music to lift my brain and open my mind. Music plays a big role in my graffiti. It influences my style. I got a funk/soul style, a rap style and an electro-funk style. It’s defined by the curves of the lines – the shape of the letters and the use of colors / fills.

Blackbooks are important to me because it’s the only original graff art you can keep with you through the years. if you paint on a wall a train or whatever all you can keep is an image of it. The original art is going to get buffed, covered or fade away.

It’s also a way for me to be creative in the confort of my room without inhaling the toxic fumes of expensive cans – freezing in the cold – smelling pee in a shady spot or on a rainy lazy sunday.

If my flat would burn all I would take with me is my girl and my blackbooks!

Kid Kash.


Here is the second part of the Kid Kash black book session.For those of us that missed the first session, click here

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