Kaput VTS interview

Please introduce yourself….

I write Kaput (VTS, NR, IBD) and I’m from Vancouver in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

Can you tell us a bit about when you started out?

Skateboarding with schoolmates in the mid nineties is how I got into writing. The dude who influenced me wrote Kover, he had a real fresh hand. I would marker tag things and put up stickers inside buses just like a green horn should.

You have a very unique style can you tell us about what influences you?

I don’t think my style is all that unique but thanks. You can see that I am influenced by traditional New York graffiti first and foremost.

You paint real colorful graphic pieces with bold outlines, what is your take on the current technique > style trends?

Graffiti is always changing as is life and I’ve always stuck with a bold semi traditional style. I have a lot of respect and dig all the new techniques out there in the world. As long as I’m having fun that’s all that matters. I’ll stick to my caveman style though ;)

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