Jurne-Bates Exchange


Jurne painted this dope piece off of an outline sketch that Bates drew for him when they had their show together out in Poland. Exchanges are always great to see, when two styles combine into one piece you can really see some unique, original burners. Jurne had some great input about how it all fell into place;

“Bates hooked me up with a nice outline in Poland during our show. I took my try at making the piece accurate to the sketch, up and down on the ladder trying to get the proportions right. I have always dug how BATES has a mix of classic graffiti styles, with the odd spike or sharp extension in his letters, and was hyped to see how he mixed these ideas with my name. The subtle sine curves of many of the lines caught my attention through the sketching process. I change the E a bit, digging the big throwoff at the bottom. I matched up on the colors of the HOPS and OUCH pieces that were already done below me so as to not stick out like a sore thumb” -Jurne


via 12OZ

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