Jose Parla & Rey Parla U.T.O.P.I.A.

As far as i can remember, Jose PARLA was (and still ?) is a writer before being a Fine Art artist. His name was often popping up on the wall of Miami but also Ny -( i would say before the millenium )-. I think i discovered him via 12ozprophet when they were still publishing a paper print magazine..Something like 12 or 13 years laters, Jose Parla and His brother joined their forces to build an exhibition at Colette Paris. From what he told me, it took them 4 years to bring up all the concept and inspiration , exploring cities in China and off course Newyork.  I dont know if we can still labelled  the Parla’s art as Writing or Graffiti, all i saw graffiti-related were  the titles  of the canvas ,using words or expression related to that world.. For the rest, of course its seems deep in the meaning but where is the soul when  you laser printing your art for the most ?





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