Jela portrait video by Will Robson-Scott

Not really about graffiti  this video is filmed by the London based Will Robson-Scott and present Jela, a guy that grow up in the streets of East-London during the 80?s.


This film follows Jela, brought up in the heart of the East End of London in a Turkish and English family. He talks about his memories of growing up in the 80s and 90s and his time on the streets and on football terraces. Jela grew up fast, being immersed in football violence , skinhead culture , and hard drug use before his life spiraled out of control, now sober he looks to the future.
The East End he grew up in has changed on the surface but many of the faces he grew up with remain the same. His struggles have made him what he is today and Jela is East London through and through.

Film by Will Robson-Scott
Edited by Luca Campanale
Music by Makoto Masui
Support from WeArePlus


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