Graffdonuts interview the Stockholm based writer Wtass. On this interview Wtass tell us about his very beginning and how he found his own personal style, far away from what we know from Subway Art.


1 Lets start with a classic question: How do you end up doin’ graffiti?

Well, when I first started out with graffiti in the late 90´s I mostly did for the rush. It was just another way to feel the adrenalin go through the body. But this time it was not about poping firecrackers in mailboxes or to put shotgun shells on the train track. There was something different about graffiti, another type of adrenaline. I was a teen with no idea that graffiti would play a big role in my life ten years later. The interest in graffiti grew and I began to look up to the older writers such as Unik (IB IDA) and crews like 3SA (3 steps ahead), OWS (only warrior survives) and obviously WUFC and especially the writers Leroy and Pura. I had no idea who they were or where they lived so mystery and searching became the driving force. With a compact camera fully charged and ready to snap pictures along the line I found my new hobby.

At the time I wrote something else and my style was different. I thought it was difficult to succeed with my pieces and was never satisfied with the results.

2 Lets talk about your style.. do you think you have a personal style? how you reached it?

Style-wise, I came nowhere they first ten years. My own pieces just gave me anxiety of not having technique, style or feeling. But something happened when I ten years later ran into the writer Fuksh (ST). It turned out that we would be working together throughout the summer. I saw that he had color dots on his shoes and asked if he was a writer.

Fuksh had what I lacked in style so I started to look differently on graffiti. We talked for hours about graff and later on we started to paint together. At that time I experimented a lot with letters and forms and now with my new name V-tass (Vargtass is a classic Swedish drink with vodka and cranberry juice). Graffiti become fun once I released the demands of perfection. I started painting with people who obviously looked different to what graffiti is and is not. I painted with Rick (REA, Akbardins) which at the time inspired me a lot. Different colored lines? No 3d? This cap? Okey! Let’s do it …

Then I ran into Grryo in a deserted house outside Stockholm, I found my partner in crime and the PNP (People and Places) was formed. Me and Grryo paint a lot together and look at graff in the same way.

I think that my style is more personal nowadys and I get satisfied with the result. Round shapes mixed with jagged arrows and thought out color schemes. Obviously, there is a “jackpot” if the environment and the structure of the wall is stylish. ww

3 Panels, Hall of fame, street bombing. what satisfy you the most?

I like to paint abandoned places that few people know about. I think it is about my interest in outdoors activities and that I like the feeling of nature taking over urban environments. This may not be graffiti but it appeals to me. Sometimes it´s hard to sit in front of the computer and check Google-Earth for hours so then I paint fames.

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