New interview of our man KoolFunc88 on the spanish web Elrincon Delasboquillas.  Don’t forget to check out below some of his recent piece HERE


Why is your tag Func88?

I started with the name Funcrime and i guess the name speaks for itself, having fun doing crimes (meaning illegal activities).I used to write Satur, Turs during the 90’s and now i’m using the nickname Func’88, the 88 is for the year i started this graffiti shit.

What motivated you to get started being a graffiti writer?

Seeing CR. Stecyk doing Rat Bones tags in Future-Primitive video so far i could remember. Then guys in my neighborhood, Capone, Cesar, Bronco, Arsenic, Torpe, Senior… After that i guess for the thrill of it, doing something most people didn’t understand, being an outcast and existing amongst my peers.


What do you try to say with your graffiti?

I’m saying nothing, my graffiti aint got no message or politics. i’m just doing it for the fun of it, for the people involve in it. No big deal.

What is your style?

People called what i’ve done “Galactic Style” for a long time but for me it’s outdated and over-played. My friends used to say i’m “Heavy Metal”…mostly because of my angular and aggressive forms Somehow I’m trying to perpetuate the spirit of the old paris style (80’s) adding to it a modern « Ultra » touch. Basically i don’t paint plain flat colors, but mostly vapours and fades with stock (standard) caps.

I’m pretty conservative, keeping the graffiti rules i learned in my childhood : Letters/Character/Background. I’m not into « decorative shit » or « artistic murals », I respect advanced techniques but i prefer raw stuff.


What do you think about the idea of us publishing your graffiti on our web “”?

It’s super nice of you to pick me up, i’m not  a very show-off person so people have to push me up spreading my stuff.

Thanks to my boy G.Green to hook me up on this.


Do you remember the first piece?

Then, it was sometimes around the mid of the year 1988, my friends (Edc : Ecole Du Crime) and I were already doing a few tags in our neighborhood while skateboarding or zoning and one day we found out that a discount store is selling cheap retouching car spray paints, we bought a bunch of these and go find a place to make our first “real piece”. I have already some sketches drawn and we decided to pick one of my Funcrimes and so i did my first ever Graffiti-piece.

I remember how much i immediatly loved doing this even if it was a crappy piece of shit. I loved this sensation of taking a public space without asking nobody. For the next month to come i did a few day and night, and then quickly try to found out new styles and skills. Since that day i never stopped doing this, it brings me almost everything i got today somehow. After almost 30 years (i’m scared to write this!!!), i still enjoy doing it like day one.


Can you talk us about the graffiti in your city?

Paris was a long time capital of the euro-graffiti with a whole bunch of killer crews and writers. I won’t lie on the fact im kinda nostalgic of the 90’s but we still have a few really talented and motivated people here.

Unfortunately there’s not that much spot these days in the center and close suburbs because of the massive wave of construction and re-habilitation, the increasing price of the estates. It stills a beautiful lovely city and you could always found a place to paint like any city in the world if you really want to do it.

What is your crew?

ULTRABOYZ/GT/TWPCP/CKT/666…a bunch of others.

What is your real job?

I’m a graphic designer/illustrator and i’m art directing a skateboard brand. Living out of graffiti has never been an option for me, i prefer keeping it free, out of any commercial activities.

And to finish, something you want to say?

Don’t act like me, don’t be a fucking nerd and quit computer, go outside…

More info obout KF88, here and here

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