Our friends at Velvet Liga are back in the writing blog sphere and just posted an interesting interview about Jaba UB.


Velvet Liga: Hello Jaba. It can be said that Ultra Boyz has been able to mantain the traditional flavour adapting new elements that still makes it hype. You are one of the original members of the crew, what can you tell us about this?

Jaba: This is due to the fact that the group has grown with really good guys such as Form and Green from Germany and Dems, Pant and Sawe from Spain. I strongly believe they have introduced freshness to the crew and they have actually influenced myself so I can keep hold of the current times.

VL: In your own personal journey, we can highlight your stages in Singapore and then in Spain, what was the cause for those stages and in what have they contributed to you?

J: I was living for 6 years in Singapore and I was lucky enough to be able to travel to many countries of Southeastern Asia such Malaisia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China or India. They are all magic places where I could luckily paint with in a graffiti scenario which is constaly growing. I also painted with local paint without fat cap or skinny and very limited colors, then arriving in Spain was awesome, being able to paint with so much colors and good paint, it just turns everything into so much easy.


VL: Now, focusing on style aspects, adding fantasy scenarios and other elements which could seem out of graffiti is one of your personal signatures, what does this obey to?

J: There was a period in which people sistematically assumed I was going to do the background for everyone, but I actually do it in rare occasions nowadays. It seems better for me to think in new letters, after all the background is secondary. I did the background stuff from 96′ to 2006′, but I prefer to leave that now to whoever is doing street art and cute stuff

Read the complete interview HERE.

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