Incognito – 14th issue preview

The new Incognito magazine is already available. As always, it will show us the best of the nordic styles.  The magazine interview Pubes (TPG) and Kay and show the handstyle of  the street bomber Guns from FTL crew (more about FTL here) . If you want to know more about Guns, check this video below. Incognito also launch a special bundle offer that include an Incognito t-shirt. More info on there online shop here.


Incogognito Issue 14 presentation:

Back on track with a brand new mix of the latest styles and trends from all over the graffiti world.
Featured in this edition is none other than the legendary train writer Pubes, who is still going strong and celebrating his twentieth (!) year of train writing. Alongside, the Stockholm writer Kay who at the moment is giving Stockholm a treat of his quirky, abstract letters. Finally, a photo report where you get into the world of the America street bomber, Guns. Then as per usual a wide range of styles in the walls, trains and bombing sections with material from crews and writers such as Wufc, Rhb, Bst, Keff, Fra32, Pilchi and many others.

Interviews: Pubes, Kay
Photo Essay: Guns
Other information: Pages: 48, Format: Standing A4
Language: English, Year: 2013, Weight: 230g


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