Ignorant Style by Fuzi


Just read a few interesting words of Fuzi regarding the Ingorant style and his definition.

Fuzi: Ignorant Style » is me, fruit of my route, influences, attitude and personality. If I have to define it, I must include the environment in which it’s born, vibes and Zeitgeist, emulation created by the group and youth. I could summarize in three words : recklessness, rebellion and freedom ; this last being certainly the keyword. This style is based on fundamentals ones, not written rules, values related to the street and on the knowledge of the Graffiti history and culture. Then come the instinct and primary pleasure to write its name. « We », (and I’ll use often this term because it’s also the result of UV-ULTRA VIOLENT-/TPK crew friends course) then privileged instinctively the act and the adrenalin which its gets, the pure joy of illegally writing its name everywhere, of adapting urban space and that with the sight of all. We were not at all in some artistic share but really into confrontation. We asserted this illegality, this violence and this vandalism. It was for us the inbeing of our art. Of this freedom of act came a freedom to create without constraints, the society ones and its law of course, but also the sneakiest and heaviest ones of the graffiti movement itself imprisoned in styles and attitudes standardization, it lost its soul and its values. We brought out of our projects the « wild Freshness » which missed it. Of these two liberties, fed by my quasi-religious influences of the New York subways graffiti debuts (via Subway Art) and by my knowledge of the traditional parisian vandal style, was born this primal, rough style, based on the name legibility, which reflect foremost a state of mind, an attitude of systematic rebellion against rules and compulsory codes.

Full article on the Fuzi blog.

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